Tara found me through just a general internet search and I could not have been more thrilled! Her and Andy are my first clients who were not directly referred from someone else and I’m super excited because that means my business is growing 🙂
Anywho, Tara and Andy live in Nebraska and so they wanted to do as much as they could while they were in Manhattan for that day: engagement photos, checking out flowers, cake tasting, etc. They definitely made the most of their trip!
So we met up in the morning at University Gardens and it was a perfect day! Not too cold and not too winter-y 🙂 Immediately, I knew that Tara and Andy would be super fun because they were just so incredibly happy together…always laughing, touching and you could just feel their presence! 
Here’s Andy showing off the true model inside of him…
A little bling action…
Tara being her absolutely GORGEOUS self!
My favorite photo of the day…can’t you just hear the laughter???
And then we headed over to Tuttle Creek Park and we had to do the obligatory skipping shot (Andy LOVED this by the way)!
To finish out the morning Tara and Andy wanted to show their true colors!
From their first date, Tara and Andy have had a casual and relaxed relationship and I could not help but notice that during our brief time together. They are so comfortable as individuals and as a couple and I strongly believe that that is a characteristic all couples strive to achieve 🙂
Thanks again you two and I can’t wait to see you again in April for your big day! Woohoo!