My friend Mandy recently had a beautiful baby girl named Ellie Jo and due to Ellie Jo’s amazing birth and continuing development (which you can follow here), I offered Mandy a free photo session whenever the time was right for them. So after getting home from the hospital, Mandy contacted me to take me up on the offer and I was ecstatic that she did! Sarah and I made our way over to the Gramkows’ apartment and we had a blast hanging out with the Mandy, Ben and Ellie!

You can see from the slideshow that Mandy and Ben are just hilarious together! So complementary and so much in love, it was hard not to laugh with them 🙂 We took a TON of pictures in our short time together because we wanted them to have as many to choose from as possible as well as to keep for themselves! Sarah took a few of the little details shots and some of Mandy and Ben together and I focused on the beautiful blue eyed Ellie Jo! Mandy wanted some Anne Geddes-esque shots and I was happy to do whatever they wanted 🙂

Congrats to your gorgeous baby girl and Brisa and I will be praying for her continued health and spirit!