Emily, Tony and Gus. Should really be GUS, emily and tony. He simply stole the show. If I wasn’t taking pictures of Gus, he would try to run into the pictures. If I was trying to hold him while taking pictures, he would yank my arm so that the pictures would come all all blurry. If we tied him up, he would make friends with other dogs and draw all sorts of people near us. Gus owned us, literally. And I loved it. Come on, I mean, look how cute and fun he is! How could you not love that face? Seriously!

Recently, I had the sweet opportunity to take pictures of Emily, Tony and Gus at City Park (the home of their very first kiss!) and it was SUHWEET (yes, i did use “sweet” twice in the same sentence, but spelled differently = all gravy)! I had them jumping, skipping, lying down, dipping, sliding and running around all afternoon (thanks for being so easy to work with)! We roamed around City Park and my favorite shots were the ones taken on the steps and at the little playhouse in the playground. I just love how they look and interact with each other! And please notice Emily’s gorgeous eyes! I mean, how could you not notice them, but in case you glazed passed them, do yourself a favor and look at the slideshow again. Absolutely amazing!

Thanks again guys for selecting me as your photographer and best of luck with your Oregon wedding and the rest of your lives together!

Enjoy the rockin slideshow!