The Ewings are by far my favorite Wamegoans. For those of you don’t know where Wamego (or what it) is, here’s a nifty map to give you some context. It’s the home of the Wizard of Oz Museum as well as probably my favorite Mexican food restaurant in the area, Toto’s Tacoz. Yes, that’s what it is really called and we still love it!

Any who, back to the Ewings. Why are they my favorite Wamegoans, you ask? Well because they are super cool. They essentially run a B&B for all of their kids, their kids’ friends and all of their animals! I met Mary nearly two years ago and our ridiculously sarcastic sense of humor made us fast friends and we’ve been bantering back and forth ever since!

So during the holiday break, Mary asked if I could take some quick family portraits while all of her children were home and I happily obliged! A supposed 15 minute photo shoot turned into about an hour, but hey, do what you gotta do, right? Based on the photos, you’ll notice that the entire family is just hilarious. Always ready with a quick insult or a nasty look, I love hanging out with the Ewings because you just never know what is going to happen next. From JR combing his beard to Mary laughing and crying uncontrollably during a “serious pose”, you just gotta love the Ewings. They are some of the most thoughtful and considerate people I know and I am a better person for knowing them 🙂

Enjoy the quick slideshow!