Courtney and John know how to party. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. They party like rockstars and it was awesome! You may remember them from their engagement session here and so based on those photos we were super excited for their wedding day! We were not disappointed in the least!

We started at the Holiday Inn while Courtney was doing her hair and makeup and then we headed to the quaint Crossroads Baptist Church in Riley for the ceremony. One of our favorite pictures is when Courtney and her dad see each other for the first time after Courtney finishes making herself beautiful! There was just so much raw emotion in that one moment that the day could have ended right then and there and everyone would go home happy…except for John, maybe 🙂

The ceremony was short and sweet and then everyone was ready to start celebrating. During the formals, we probably had the biggest failure ever. We wanted Courtney to lay across the backs of the groomsmen and it failed. Epic fail! You’ll see in the pictures though that Courtney had a really good time with it and it all worked out in the end!

Courtney and John, well, Courtney more than John, is a huge K-State fan; hence, the shoes and garter and the royal purple! So naturally we went to campus to take some fun portraits of just the two of them before their reception at the Holiday Inn! With Bradley J pumping up the crowd, the party went well into the night and it was an absolute blast! Everyone, and I mean everyone was dancing, reveling, laughing and it truly was a joy to witness it all!

Congratulations Courtney and John and we wish you the very best! Many blessings to you both and your future family! 🙂