Happy Tuesday everyone! A preview of Jenn and Vince’s Wedgewood Weddings Boulder Ridge (#WeAreCressio) wedding in San Jose, CA is featured on the La Brisa blog!

     In the 200 plus weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve never witnessed as much laughter as I did at Jenn and Vince’s wedding. Jenn and Vince set the mood from the very beginning with their full body laughing convulsions. From their engagement Attraction Session (Jenn & Vince), I knew that their wedding day would be special because their love story is intense. For over a decade, Vince’s mom tried to set them up with each other. It wasn’t until Vince was visiting someone in the hospital that they actually crossed paths. In a whirlwind of a relationship filled with the surrendering of egos, comprehensive unselfishness and a shared love unlike any other, it is fitting that their wedding was a culmination of joy. They’ve overcome so much in their relatively short time together. They are warriors. They are lovers. They are perfect together.

     One of my favorite moments from Jenn and Vince’s wedding was at the very end of the night. When all of their guests had left and just their family was cleaning up. B and I were telling them how their wedding was one of the most enjoyable days we’ve ever experienced. They thought we were lying and that we told that to all of our clients. We pleaded that that was not the case and then Jenn asked B what three things made their wedding so enjoyable. Without skipping a beat, B rattled off these three reasons…1) how they didn’t conform to stereotypical wedding traditions, 2) how they invited only family and close friends to the ceremony and then everyone else they wanted to celebrate with at the reception and 3) how much B and I endlessly laughed and smiled throughout their day. After hearing B’s reasons, Jenn sat back to relax just a little bit and I think it hit her how the celebration she planned for a year went perfectly!

     A huge thanks to B of Just B Photo for sharing her incredible time and talent to shoot Jenn and Vince’s Wedgewood Weddings Boulder Ridge wedding with me! Also, we couldn’t do our job if not for Angela and her awesome team at Boulder Ridge! They went above and beyond to make sure everything looked perfect and ran smoothly!

     Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your Wedgewood Weddings Boulder Ridge wedding! Be sure to “LIKE” the La Brisa FB page (www.facebook.com/labrisaphotography) where I will be posting more of your wedding photos!

~ Chris

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