Katherine and Sam’s summer Saratoga Springs wedding was an epic celebration of love, remembrance and joyfulness! I’m incredibly excited to feature a preview of their wedding on the La Brisa blog!

     One of my favorite moments from Katherine and Sam’s wedding was when bridesmaid Nikki looked at Katherine and said “what makes you happy is making sure everyone else is happy!” Katherine immediately blushed and tried to play it off like it was no big deal. Nikki then insisted that that is what makes Katherine such an incredible person, her selflessness and her meaningful gift-giving to others.

     After celebrating Kat and Sam’s beautiful Christ-centered wedding, I know that Nikki subconsciously perfectly described Kat and Sam’s relationship. They are two of the most selfless people I’ve ever witnessed. Their dedication to their families and friends is unparalleled. They are generous with their praise and effusive with their love for others. Even though they’ve only been married for a short time, they have already impacted countless people with effectiveness of their relationship. What impressed me the most after spending time with them is their genuine graciousness for their relationships, their experiences and their future together.

     A huge thanks to Kathryn of Kathryn Cooper Weddings for providing her immense talent and awesomeness to Katherine and Sam’s amazing day! And I must also thank Laura for being a rockstar coordinator who prepped, planned and executed the perfect day that made our job sooooo much easier!

     Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your Saratoga Springs wedding! Be sure to “LIKE” the La Brisa FB page (www.facebook.com/labrisaphotography) where I will be posting more of your wedding photos! Enjoy your Maui honeymoon!!!

~ Chris


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