Mustard Seed Gardens Bride Groom
     Elizabeth and Cale’s Mustard Seed Gardens wedding was an unique as their love for each other. They had an all dessert reception which is perfectly symbolic of the sweetness of their relationship.

     Right before Elizabeth walked down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband for their first look, Cale was visibly shaking. He was so anxious and nervous to see his bride that his body was fighting him. He couldn’t calm his nerves and he just wanted to see her. When she started walking towards him, he asked me…”Is she coming? I can feel the grass rustling with each of her steps!” I’m not sure if that was entirely possible, but Cale was in such a frenzied focus that I’m guessing his heightened senses reached Superman levels of effectiveness. Cale told me that he only cries when he sees tears. As he turned around to see Elizabeth for the first time, his tears began to flow and she calmed him with a soft hand to the back of his neck and a pressing of her forehead to his. Elizabeth and Cale had one of my favorite first looks ever because of the strength of their relationship and how openly they show their need for each other.

     One of my favorite moments of Elizabeth and Cale’s wedding day was towards the end of the night, I asked Elizabeth if she still wanted to do sunset photos as many of her family and friends were leaving. I asked her what would you regret more…not saying goodbye to your people or not having more photos of you and Cale. She looked around and said she needed to thank people for coming. I just love that she prioritized what was most important on her wedding day. And that is a testament to her incredible character.

     A huge thanks to Sarah Crail of Photography by Sarah Crail for providing her immense talent and awesomeness to Elizabeth and Cale’s phenomenal day! And I must thank Jenny Tharp for being a rockstar coordinator who prepped, planned and executed the perfect day that made our job sooooo much easier!

     Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography!

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~ Chris


Mustard Seed Gardens Bride Groom
Mustard Seed Gardens Wedding

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