Morgan and Ben’s K-State Alumni Center wedding, aka #ReeledInARankin, was an epic celebration of emotions, love, food and joyfulness! Their entire day was perfectly planned and truly highlighted what was most important to the newlyweds: spending time with their families and friends!

     One of my (selfish) favorite moments of Morgan and Ben’s wedding was during the morning chaos when Morgan and her girls were getting their hair and makeup done. There were so many people bustling around and in the midst of it all, Morgan stops me and genuinely asks how my family is doing. Morgan (and her mom) have been planning this day for MONTHS and she has the presence and sincerity to ask about my family. I think that is a true testament to her impressive character and her impeccable values.

     When we headed up to the K-State parking structure for sunset photos, Ben turns to me and said…”I’m really sad that I won’t be able to thank everyone who came to celebrate our wedding. I knew ahead of time that I probably wouldn’t be able to, but it still makes me sad.” Ben is truly one of a kind. His respect and selflessness is incredibly refreshing during a time when everyone seems to have “me-first” entitlement.

     Together, Morgan and Ben are beautifully unique. The strength of their relationship is based on God, family and respect. They possess wisdom that begets their collective age. Throughout their wedding they would check on each other, make fun of each other and rely on each other. In a way that only they can achieve, they made their 500-ish guest wedding feel like a really fantastic casual party with their family and friends!

     A huge thanks to B of Just B Photography for providing her immense talent and awesomeness to Morgan and Ben’s amazing day! And I must thank Nellie Sparkman Events for being a rockstar coordinator who prepped, planned and executed the perfect day that made our job sooooo much easier!

     Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography! Below, I’ve included all of the images I shared at your K-State Alumni Center wedding reception (plus a few more!). Be sure to “LIKE” the La Brisa FB page ( where I will be posting more of your wedding photos! Enjoy the crap out of your Tahiti honeymoon!!!

~ Chris


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