Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Manhattan KS Engagement
Jordan and Tyler’s Fall Attraction Session was sentimental and full of laughter. These two are getting married this Saturday and it was probably time for me to actually blog their Manhattan, KS engagement photos!

While you may recognize Jordan as being of the Morris Quintuplets, the first quintuplets born in Kansas, she’s better known now as the owner and photographer of Blissful Sun Photography! I met Jordan and Tyler at sunrise on an absolutely frigid Fall day. Jordan was fighting a cold, but she and Tyler braved through my countless ridiculous requests for lifting and dipping each other. Then, we headed over to Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School where Jordan and Tyler originally met. How adorable is that? Roughly around the 4th grade (if my memory serves me correctly), Jordan and Tyler got “married” for what amounted to be one recess period! =) It wasn’t until much later on in their lives when they actually got together.

I love how much Jordan and Tyler are intertwined. From their hardships through their successes, they remain consistently easy-going and quick to laugh. Tyler dotes on Jordan in a chivalrous manner. Jordan is quite possibly the most laidback bride I’ve ever had. Her mindset seems to be that everything will work out as it should. She reminds me to worry less about what I can’t control and focus more on being present. Together, they are sweet, endearing and ready for marriage!

A huge thanks to Emily Starkey Photography for assisting and shooting with me!

Thank you so much for trusting me with your relationship and I’m super excited about celebrating your wedding with you this Saturday!

~ Chris


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