empty reception hall bride groom last dance
Amy and Willie’s intimate Fall outdoor backyard wedding was one of my absolute favorites I have ever photographed. Their wedding was one of my favorites not just because of the incredibly scenic location, Willie’s parents’ backyard, but because of the increasingly growing excitement and anticipation for Amy and Willie to see each other. They first met each other in 2007 at a race track. She instantly fell in love with his laugh and they’ve been together ever since!

At the end of their wedding, Amy and Willie asked everyone to line up outside while they had one last dance together. As the remaining wedding guests stood outside of Liquid Art Winery and Estate, Amy and Willie danced, kissed and laughed together with only their parents looking on from a distance. I loved that they danced one last time to focus on each other (before falling down).

Amy and Willie’s wedding was full of laughter, tears and sarcasm. Oftentimes, weddings are a production and an event for everyone BUT the bride and groom. Yet, Amy and Willie’s day was exactly what they wanted and was entirely focused on their relationships. Honestly, this wedding surprised me. I was blown away by its beauty and loved the sarcastic banter throughout the day. Everyone welcomed me like part of the family and that’s exactly how I felt!

Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding in Manhattan, KS. Below, I’ve included all of the images I shared at your Liquid Art Winery and Estate reception and I can’t wait to feature more of your wedding images and all of your wedding details in your full blog post!

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~ Chris


backyard lakeside wedding ceremony
Me Without You Wedding Rings
Bridal backlit Hairspray
fall bridal bouquet
Groom getting ready with groomsman
Groom reading card with dog in background
Mother buttoning bride
bride putting on earrings
3/4 smiling bridal portrait
fall father bride first look
fall father daughter first look
groom's parents portrait
tweed groom's jacket
fall tweed jacket
smiling fall groom portrait
Sentimental wedding gift exchange
today matters wedding hankerchief
emotional mother daughter wedding moment
father of groom with dog
outdoor ceremony groom processional
emotional groom's reaction to seeing bride
fall outdoor father daughter wedding processional
crying groom seeing bride
lakeview intimate outdoor backyard ceremony
father lifting daughter's veil outdoor fall wedding
crying groom with bride outdoor fall ceremony
intimate outdoor backyard fall wedding ceremony
intimate outdoor backyard fall wedding ceremony
exchange of rings outdoor fall intimate wedding
first kiss fall outdoor intimate wedding
bride celebratory wedding recessional
happy bride groom backyard intimate wedding recessional
groom looking at bride fall outdoor intimate wedding
bride groom first kiss after wedding ceremony
outdoor Fall wedding family formal portrait
Man of honor wedding party
laughing man of honor intimate fall wedding
fun wedding party man of honor
groom kissing bride wedding party
bride groom kissing wedding dress train toss
bride groom smiling wedding dress train toss
groom kissing bride outdoor Fall wedding
groom bride smiling outdoor Fall wedding
bride groom dip kiss rose petals
bride looking back while groom looks at her
back of wedding dress detail with groom
bride groom laughing black white
masculine groom snuggling bride
bride groom happy walking outdoors
groom twirling bride overlooking lake at sunset
bride groom dip overlooking lake at sunset

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