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Prior to #HappilyEverHuerter, I skyped with Marissa once and I never actually spoke to Ryan because 1) they are incredibly busy and popular people and 2) because they already knew the most important aspect of their wedding: each other. In my pre-wedding consultations, I try to educate my clients about the brief moments throughout their wedding that are personal, intimate and private. Thanks to my childhood friend, Meryl, I’ve coined them “perfect moments”. Cheesy? Absolutely but accurate. Well, as soon as Marissa and Ryan saw each other for the first time, I knew that their relationship is stronger than most. The way Ryan looked at Marissa after she asked him to turnaround was powerful and confident. I could tell that he knew he was making the best decision of his life.

Throughout Marissa and Ryan’s wedding day, nothing could slow them down…not the rain, not a weeklong hacking cough, not a beer stained wedding dress, nothing. They handled every potential obstacle with a calm demeanor and just kept moving forward which I think is exactly how they thrived in an 8 year long distance relationship. No struggle is too big that it will disrupt their love for each other. As the lights turned on and the DJ faded the music, on a beer and liquor soaked dance floor, Marissa gently laid her head on Ryan’s shoulder and he squeezed her a littler tighter to him as if to say…”I love us.”

Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography. Here are the preview images that I shared at your reception and I can’t wait to feature more of your wedding images and all of your wedding details in your full blog post! Happy honeymooning in Hawaii!

Special thanks to Emily Starkey for contributing many of the incredible images of Marissa and Ryan’s wedding!

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~ Chris

Ceremony: St. Mary’s ChurchSt. Benedict, KS
Reception: Knights of ColumbusSeneca, KS

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And I’ll end with my newest favorite photo ever! =)

Tucson Wedding Photographers_0043

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Tucson Wedding Photographers

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